A light cream that is rich in nutrients, which moisturize the skin. It helps to fight against discoloration, freckles, and gives your skin a healthy color. It provides the skin with extra protection against the effects of aging and damage caused by the sun. The unique combination of vitamin C and Petitgrain essential oil, make this emulsion cream a unique product for skin discoloration.



SUNEWmed hybrid mask is a line inspired by the effects of aesthetic medicine treatments.  Therefore the multi-level action of the mask guarantees an extreme effect. The skin gains an appropriate level of hydration, so that is why improves its density and elasticity. Above al highly advanced peptide compound used in the mask is full of vitamins ans organic minerals. In other words that is what activates cells to renew. As a result stimulates the synthesis of new collagen fibers and increases the amount of hyaluronic acid in the dermis. The action of the peptides is additionally enhanced by the snail mucus, which is obtained using a special technology that enables the preservation of the unique, natural properties of this preparation.The combination of these ingredients makes this mask an extremely effective and unique cosmetic treatment.

What else about SUNEWmed HYBRID MASK?

Snail mucus contains biologically active ingredients: glycolic acid, collagen, natural antibiotics, elastin, allantoin and vitamins A, C, E. Vitamin A has a scientifically proven rejuvenating effect. Active ingredients of snail mucus, such as elastin, provide flabby and low-elastic skin with radiance and proper tension. Glycolic acid helps to inhibit the appearance of blackheads. Allantoin provides strong skin regeneration, is non-allergenic, and accelerates the healing of damaged tissues. It prevents sagging of the epidermis, improving its tension and elasticity. The renewed skin delights with its delicacy and firmness. It does not clog pores, provides skin cells with unique and multi-level antioxidant protection. It reduces the susceptibility to irritation. The mask provides a spectacular effect of rejuvenated, radiant and healthy skin. Recommended after aesthetic medicine treatments to enhance the effects and soothe the skin.

SUNEWmed HYBRID mask is perfect for reduction of wrinkles and scars, firming and improving the oval of the face, care for all skin types, especially mature, dehydrated, gray skin with discoloration. Also for tired, lifeless skin that requires strong regeneration and lifting.

Weight 20 g
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